ConnectFlow is Wood's suite of groundwater modelling software that includes continuous porous medium (CPM), discrete fracture network (DFN) and combined (DFN and CPM) model concepts. The software allows the construction of detailed models to calculate groundwater flow and transport for a variety of physical conditions using advanced solvers. Models and output results from ConnectFlow can be viewed using a versatile integrated visualisation package.

ConnectFlow is used by a number of international organisations and is available to license from Wood. For further information on licensing options and pricing for the ConnectFlow suite, please Contact Us.

In particular, a small group of organisations including SKB, Posiva, Nagra and Obayashi, together with Wood have created the iConnect club. This club meets twice a year to exchange experiences using ConnectFlow and to formulate ideas on how ConnectFlow should be developed for the future.

In addition to developing the ConnectFlow software, Wood also provides groundwater modelling consultancy services using the ConnectFlow software. All the groundwater flow modelling services are provided by a team of professional scientists and software developers.