Selection of journal and conference papers

Here is a selection of papers submitted to journals or presented at conferences that our team have contributed to:

Title Authors Reference
Hydrogeological conditions at Forsmark –processes, data and conceptualization. Follin S., Hartley L. Hydrogeology Journal, Dec. 2013.
Development of a hydrogeological discrete fracture network model of the Forsmark site, Sweden. Follin S., Hartley L., Rhén I., Jackson C.P., Joyce S., Roberts D., Swift B. Hydrogeology Journal, Dec. 2013.
Approaches and algorithms for groundwater flow modeling in support of site investigations and safety assessment of the Forsmark site, Sweden. Hartley L., Joyce S. Journal of Hydrology, Volume 500, 13 September 2013, Pages 200–216.
Geomechanically coupled simulation of flow in fractured reservoirs. Barton C.A., Moos D., Hartley L., Baxter S., Foulquier L., Holl H., Hogarth R. Proceedings, Thirty-Eighth Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering. Stanford University, Stanford, California, February 11-13, 2013. SGP-TR-198.
Hydrogeological Discrete Fracture Network modelling to support site investigations for a final repository for spent nuclear fuel in Sweden. Hartley L., Joyce S., Roberts D., Follin S., Rhén I., Selroos J-O. IAH seminar on fractured rock hydrogeology, GwFR2012, Prague
Characterisation of Bedrock Hydrogeology at the Olkiluoto Site Using Surface Based and Underground Data. Hartley L., Swan D., Baxter S. w/oP-59095, proceedings ICEM'11, Reims, France, 2011.
Characterisation and Assessment of the Groundwater Pathway for the Low Level Waste Repository, UK. Hartley L., James M., Jackson C.P., Couch M., Shevelan J. w/P-59098, proceedings ICEM'11, Reims, France, 2011
Calibration of regional palaeohydrogeology and sensitivity analysis using hydrochemistry data in site investigations. Hunter F.M.I, L.J. Hartley L. J., Hoch A., Jackson C.P., McCarthy R., Marsic N., Gylling B. Applied Geochemistry, Volume 23, Issue 7, July 2008, Pages 1982–2003.
Development of a hydrogeological model description of intrusive rock at different investigation scales: an example from south-eastern Sweden. Rhén I., Thunehed H., Triumf C-A., Follin S., Hartley L., Hermansson J., Wahlgren C-H. Hydrogeology Journal, February 2007, Volume 15, Issue 1, pp 47-69.
New Integrated 3D-Fracture Modeling and Flow Simulation Study: A Giant Saudi Arabian Carbonate Reservoir. Al Qassab H.M, Al Khalifa M.A., Al-Ali Z., Ameen M., Phillips R., Hartley L. European Petroleum Conference, 29-31 October 2002, Aberdeen, United Kingdom.
Integrated Fractured Reservoir Modeling Using Both Discrete and Continuum Approaches. Ouenes A., Hartley L. SPE 62939, SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, 2000.
Integrated Workflow Applied to the Characterization of a Carbonate Fractured Reservoir: Qarn Alam Field. Zellou A., Hartley, L., Hoogerduijn-Strating E. Dhahab S., Boom W., Hadrami F. SPE 81579, presented at the 13th Middle East Oil Show and Conference, Barhein, June, 2003.