Who we are

We are a large multi-disciplinary team of professional scientists and engineers that is part of Wood and based at Harwell, Oxfordshire. We provide groundwater modelling consultancy and software tools, notably ConnectFlow, and deliver projects to a number of customers worldwide. Many of our scientists and engineers are internationally recognised within their discipline and we have world leading specialists in the modelling of fractured rocks.

We work with our clients to provide links between understanding and data from different disciplines (geology, hydrogeology, reservoir engineering, geomechanics and geochemistry) to provide integrated models of fracture occurrence and fluid flow. In particular, our many years of experience in characterising fractured rocks and our flexibility in tailoring our approach to the needs of our clients help our customers understand the impacts of fractures on fluid flows and the behaviour of gas generation within fractured rock - an important capability in the evaluation of radioactive waste disposal, carbon capture and storage, hydro-thermal schemes and gas storage caverns.

We specialise in helping our clients improve safety, risk, environmental and waste management performance and meet their compliance needs. We support clients from plant design through to construction, operation and then to decommissioning, waste management and clean-up.